Why an answering service will benefit your car dealership?

Do you wish to ramp up sales and delight customers in your car dealership business? If so, you should consider an answering service. The road to success with automotive sales will be much clearer, with all your problems in the rearview.

We all know how busy the day of a car dealer can get. Between inventory management, attending to customers and creating new plans, one rarely has time to sit at their desks. So who is answering those calls when you have too much on your plate?

A missed call is a missed opportunity

Instant phone answering is the ABC of good customer relations. Viable data shows that seven out of every ten customers will hang up after two unanswered rings. Without an answering service, you will stand to lose plenty of incoming leads. These are sales opportunities that you can net by employing an answering service.

Another thing that clients distaste is speaking to voicemail when they call your car dealership company. If your bottom-line remains low despite years of strategising and re-strategising, the money hole could be that automatic voicemail you use. Make the switch to a human answering service, and you will see a positive change.

Customer/sales support

Among the many ways in which an answering service could benefit your car dealership is with customer or sales support. It would be beneficial if you had a partner who can team up with your staff to manage sales and paint your brand in a good light to customers. In order to achieve that, you need an answering service company with experience in telephone answering and outbound campaigns.

You need an answering service that understands what tickles your customers. The experts at Forest Call Handling are masters in the art of engaging customers over the phone. For a company with a wealth of experience in the answering service industry, you can expect a lot of bang for your buck.

Virtual assistants

The services of an answering service company go beyond picking up phone calls. The company’s virtual receptionist can make reminder calls, schedule your appointments, and book services and MOTs for your car dealership. Premier answering service companies operate 24 hours a day, representing the best interests of your car outlet to customers.

Lead capturing

The phone calls buzzing in your auto-dealership office are new leads that need capturing and nurturing. Time is usually an essential factor, with many customers needing immediacy in reply and information furnishing. By the time you get back to the office to call them back, they would have found what they were looking for from your competitors.

An answering service is always available, waiting for the phone to ring. Since they are well versed in the operation of your business, they will do a better job at fast-tracking your sales funnel. In return, customers will be impressed with the promptness and professionalism of your business.

Using a professional answering service can benefit your car dealership in many ways. Most importantly, it allows you to free up your time to focus on strategising and expansion. With the added customer and sales support you get you can expect better brand representation and increased revenue by up-selling, retention of clients, and reduced staff costs.

How does the signup process work?

1. Signing up just takes a few minutes.

2. We will issue your unique DDI, allowing you to divert either your landline and/or mobile number to us.

3. Our experienced receptionists will answer your calls in your company name and following your pre-set call instructions.

4. We will then send you a message via email/SMS.

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